what Price Racism?

when the police wrongfully kill an unarmed Black citizen and there is a civil lawsuit.
the money comes from the taxpayers. the city of Chicago paid out over 50 million in the last fiscal year. what is the CPS budget shortfall?

when peace loving protesters march engage in civil disobedience. the cost are born my them and the rest of the taxpayers. overtime, extra shifts,

AND DON’T ASK PEOPLE NOT TO PROTEST INJUSTICE dont be lazy and stupid and shortsighted with a irrational kneejerk response..


I have always wondered why a country that prides itself on EXCEPTIONAL-ISM wouldn’t pour a lot more money time and energy into education across race,gender, class lines.

what is the cost of racial inequality and social injustice?

On Respectability Politics 

I am have a conversation about Respectability Politics on another post.

As we dismiss and denigrate the most ratchet among us.

I need to point out that both Martin and Malcolm had on suits when they were murdered.MLK hand on forehead

Further neither of them advocating behaving and dressing in a way that will makemalcolm x

white supremacy and privilege GIVE us our rights and ACKNOWLEDGE our humanity.

That was the twist and spin white supremacy and privilege put on a movement that said our rights humanity and citizenship were inalienable.

White Supremacy and privilege said we had to act and look a particular way in order to be treated as human and equal.

Wake the fuck up and stay woke. black power salute

you and your fragile privilege 

To all my nonBlack Friends and followers.
How did it feel?

Are you familiar with the concepts of cognitive dissonance and implicit bias?
I ask because today I experienced something that heretofore I had only read about.

Studs Terkel writes about a white woman getting lost in a Black neighborhood and freaking out when people start shouting at her from the sidewalk.

What she didn’t realize at the time was that she was going the wrong way on a one-way street and people were just trying to warn her yet in this situation she perceived only danger

Today coming home I followed behind a car off of Lake Shore Drive that didn’t seem real sure where it was going and it turned at my regular corner where I turn to head home and then again on the cross street that takes me to my block and then again on to my one-way street.
The car then pulled over to the side to let me pass by presuming that I was following them,

the problem is they pulled over to block my driveway.

First,I waited behind the car and signaled that I wanted to turn, thinking they would see my turn signal in their review mirror and realize that they were blocking my driveway.

Then, I pulled up next to her car window is signaled for her to rolled down her window. At this point I think the white woman in the car with the two children began to panic because Chicago is so dangerous at 1 o’clock in the afternoon. She shook her head, looked straightforward and

Window up, refusing to look around, she locked her doors.

At which point I developed an attitude and leaned on my horn until she looked at me.

She rolled down her window and screamed “leave me alone! what do you want for me”

To which I responded not so calmly “bitch you are blocking my fucking driveway! get out of my way so I can go home. ”
It took minutes for her to register what was happening.

Now another car is coming down the street and I pull into an open spot in front of a neighbors house. The woman pulls out and leaves my block.
I wonder if she realizes that while she might have been lost she was never in danger.

Implicit bias. Cognitive dissonance.

Blocking my mutha fukkn driveway

♫ say you want a revolution…

how do we attack, dismantle and destroy structural racism?flag-noose

some questions, the answers to which will lead to the solution include;
what is the historical context of the problem? IMG_1559
for the each of the factors that flag bondagecontributes to the problem there are communities and persons who benefit.
these must be identified in order to address and neutralize them.flag prison

the haphazard approach to addressing the problem has failed repeated at worse and have limited gains at best.flag lynching

Nothing but WHITE

dee tired

I really really resent when people,white privilege

especially white people want to argue race with nothing but privilege.

No historical reference.4a39468u - Group of Contrabands - Library of Congress - reduced size

No cultural analysis.lynching postcard

No consideration of structural systems or social constructs.Featured Image -- 253
And then to then say “explain it to me”.

Am I really expected to do all the heavy lifting?kerry washington fuck you smile

you can’t google?  blacklivesmatter rolling

read a book?Malcolm-Middle-Finger watch something besides fox news?flag-noose
The HELP lied. beyonce no  non finger
You are not special, good, kind or important.
Mutha fuka you ain’t shit but white.angela basset car on fire

NO Patience for the BullShit

nicki shots

I have no patience for white tears.

all the privilege unchecked

White fragility

.white tears

White lies.

white womens tears collection

White privilege

.white privilege

white supremacy

.white opinions NO

At some point racial, cultural, historical ignorance is willful.

prince head move rolling side eye

You as a white person in America want to believe the lies despite all the evidence to the contrary.

Systemic and structural racism are real and killing people of color.

No I won’t apologize for it and won’t lie to make you feel better.


black women and cultural appropriation in the clubhouse


Andy Cohen of BravoTV called a Amandla Stenberg, 16 year old girl a “Jackhole” for calling out Kylie Jenner for cultural appropriation.

angela basset car on fire

for the last two years we have seen just what white supremacy thinks of our children and their value.

we have seen what white privilege thinks of Black Women.


“What would America be like if we loved black people as much as we love black culture?”
— Amandla Stenberg

“What would America be like if Black People loved and protected Black people as much as we love black culture while kow towing to white supremacy?”
— DeeDixon

amandal on black womanhood