Black in america – the struggle continues.

white privilege allows

fragile white people to ignore that

white supremacy denies the

humanity and citizenship of

Black People and kills us.

it allows white people to ignore

structural and systemic racism and its generational effects.

it is the ignorant and arrogant energy behind “all lives matter”

behind justifying death for a toy gun or knowing your rights.

behind  the humanity and humane treatment of white male mass murderers, domestic terrorists.

to treat Black children like adults.

to consume their own souls denying Black Humanity.

to destroy themselves attempting to destroy Black Livesblack power salute

♫ say you want a revolution…

how do we attack, dismantle and destroy structural racism?flag-noose

some questions, the answers to which will lead to the solution include;
what is the historical context of the problem? IMG_1559
for the each of the factors that flag bondagecontributes to the problem there are communities and persons who benefit.
these must be identified in order to address and neutralize them.flag prison

the haphazard approach to addressing the problem has failed repeated at worse and have limited gains at best.flag lynching