The Myth of Virginity and Importance of “PURITY” and “why do you think that is”

The Myth of Virginity and Importance of “PURITY” and “why do you think that is”dee tired

I recently saw an article about a young woman who presented HER FATHER with proof of VIRGINITY at her wedding.

I love a fairytale wedding and i love a close father daughter relationship. I had a very close and very intellectual relationship with my father. who would always ask me…”why do you think that is?”


1. a woman was her father’s property and then her husbands
a. taking your husbands names at marriage
b. the question at the wedding ceremony – “who gives this woman to be married?”

2. marriage was a business transaction that the woman had no input in.

3. female virginity insured that a mans first child was his prior to DNA tests
a. the first born son inherited the estate of his father
b. the first born daughter was offered in marriage to increase the family financial and political position.

4. the inequity between the value of female virginity and male virginity
a. slut shaming
b. control of female life choices
c. men who are sexual adventures are REAL MEN

So without speaking to the particulars of this situation. I would never encourage my child, male or female to be a virgin at marriage or to marry a virgin.

I would encourage my child to set her/his personal standards for all things in hie/her life and to live up to them.

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I aspire to be an ALLY

I really don’t get HOMOPHOBIA!!!

(YES I AM GOING IN – ) Particularly from people in oppressed groups who claim to be christian.

I am an LGBTQQIAAP ally, or at least I aspire to be.

LGBTQQIAAP Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgendered, Queer, Questioning, Intersex, Asexual, Allies and Pansexual.

Lesbian – Women that are only attracted to women.

Gay – Men that are only attracted to men. Gay can also be used to describe homosexual men and women.

Bisexual – A person that is attracted to both sexes.

Transgendered – A person that has/is transitioning to the opposite sex, as they were born as the wrong sex/in the wrong body. (Female to male. Male to female).

Queer – A person that does not want to label themselves as, e.g. Lesbian, so they call themselves queer instead.

Questioning – Someone that is questioning their sexual orientation, unsure which gender/s they are attracted to.

Intersex – A hermaphrodite.

Asexual – A person that isn’t sexually attracted to either gender.

Allies – A straight person that supports the LGBT(QQIAAP) community.

Pansexual – A person that is attracted to a person because of their personality. They do not care what gender they date, they care about what is on the inside.

All of these make up LGBTQQIAAP.

I don’t believe that it is a lifestyle choice, because I didn’t CHOOSE to be Straight.

And as an experiment, I tried to choose to be gay. for just 15 minutes to not have any heterosexual thoughts, to chastise myself if I did. – I didn’t make it 5 minutes before I had given three men the up-down I’m checking you out look and only one was really fine. As a Cis Heterosexual Black Woman – I didn’t choose any of that part of who I am. What I choose, what all people choose, is how we treat others, how we think and speak of others, even when they are not present.

And if you have known the pain of rejection or mistreatment for an arbitrary reason, how the hell can you do that to someone else.

Years ago I dated a man who was not black and met him for drinks and he had bruised knuckles. He had an altercation over a non black racial slur joke told in his presence. The person telling the joke was a mutual acquaintance who was confused because “dude, you are dating a black, this isnt about the blacks.” The man shared that an assault on any group was an assault on all and he wasn’t having any of it.

That is my feeling too. All humans deserve respect