I miss being in love

I miss being in love
the flutter of excitement at the sound of the voice, 

the touch of the hand.
I remember washing all but one pillowcase… 

he traveled with his work and I would keep his smell in the bed until he returned.

I miss the knowing looks that well loved lovers share.

“this is bullshit”

“can we go now”
“you look good enough to eat…” “we should get home”
the trust developed over time – “baby?” as you hand something to him, take something from him… cause that is how you two do.
the lust and sacred sex

turned up and turned out
where you think about that thing he did… a week later and your knees still go out from under you.
I miss being in love 

Sex, Gender and the Golden Rule

I Woke Like Dis!!!
I truly,truly, truly, take exception to men who speak to women on how to be better women! I am not saying that a man cannot tell, show, help a woman to be a better woman at all. I am saying that I sincerely question the motivations intent desire goals of a man who presumes to understand my journey as a woman well enough.
Especially those who hide behind their alleged interpretation/understanding of the biblical or other religious scripture as a basis for telling me how to be a woman.
As one who has been beaten up by men, literally and figuratively, wielding a Bible, as the justification for abusive, domineering, manipulative, controlling behavior, I have found that if they cannot defend, define or otherwise describe their behavior toward me or any other woman within the confines of the golden rule, then it is highly likely, if not absolute, that their position is indefensible.
Are you saying to me, what you would want said to you? Are you saying to me what you believe applies to you? Are you saying to me, are you treating me, the way you would want your mother, wife, daughter, sister treated and if you cannot answer all those questions in the affirmative then you need to shut the fuck up and sit the fuck down