no single solution for a multifaceted problem 

as the weather gets warmer and violence is on the rise in marginalized, 


 under educated and 

underemployed communities… 

I am asking you, gentle reader, 

to consider that WE have to stop putting a band-aid on a broken leg. slogans aren’t going to fix a problem that was created by forces of white supremacy nearly 10 generations ago, if not before. 
there are basic human needs that people in some communities are denied.
consider the things that make your life worth living and consider how you would feel and act if you didnt have them… through no fault of your own.
using myself as an example…

i was born into an educated family and raised by loving parents – 

education and connections afforded me job opportunities

salaries from these jobs allowed cultural and other experiences which enriched my quality of live
these are things upon which i lucked up on… now dont count me out – i worked these opportunities like I was a pimp. ‘Bitch better have my money” but what if…
violence seems to be more prevalent in communities without quality education

jobs – real jobs and economic opportunity

quality nutrition and access to nature and its products

quality medical care

opportunity for cultural and other creative expression
so in addition to saying stop the violence… we need to march, uprise, tweet and demand 

quality education

jobs – real jobs and economic opportunity

quality nutrition and access to nature and its products

quality medical care

opportunity for cultural and other creative expression
for the entire city

“But I never owned slaves…”

“If your ancestors cut down all the trees, it’s not your fault, but you still don’t live in a forest.”  Pam Oliver, a professor in the UW-Madison sociology department, explaining the historical roots of racism in the United States to her undergraduate students (mostly middle-class and White). I try to use this when I teach race now, too, to get past the defensive “but why are you BLAMING ME” reaction. (via cabell)
To all the white people who say that they shouldn’t have responsibility in racism because they’re ancestors and not them who participated in slavery, think about this!

Permission of the state

How is Black on Black crime different from white on white crime?

We live in a segregated society and crime is often defined by proximity.

The police however have taken an oath and sworn a duty to serve and protect.

They are trained and armed and sent into our community by the government, by the state.

They murder us with the

permission and

training and

equipment of the government.

And this is why people freak when called on racism.

And this is why people freak when called on racism.

I am a good person
racists are bad people
I am not a racist


IF you believe that the playing field is level and/ or
that God is just and merciful

THEN oppressed people in some way deserve being oppressed.

THEN you are not a bad person for oppressing these people
you certainly aren’t a bad person from benefiting from the oppression of these people by others.

THEN you are still a good person when you silently ignore the needs and pleas of the oppressed.

what Price Racism?

when the police wrongfully kill an unarmed Black citizen and there is a civil lawsuit.
the money comes from the taxpayers. the city of Chicago paid out over 50 million in the last fiscal year. what is the CPS budget shortfall?

when peace loving protesters march engage in civil disobedience. the cost are born my them and the rest of the taxpayers. overtime, extra shifts,

AND DON’T ASK PEOPLE NOT TO PROTEST INJUSTICE dont be lazy and stupid and shortsighted with a irrational kneejerk response..


I have always wondered why a country that prides itself on EXCEPTIONAL-ISM wouldn’t pour a lot more money time and energy into education across race,gender, class lines.

what is the cost of racial inequality and social injustice?

editing my life 

I was never taught to edit my life.

I collected and accumulated as if quantity was the same as quality.
Here is the thing about this summer.

I meditated on getting Crazy out of my life.
I meditated on dumbing myself down in the world in order to get along.
I meditated on being true to myself and my beliefs.
Perhaps it is that then events of the last couple of years have me on edge.
Perhaps it is as I was told at 27. I don’t suffer fools gladly.
I have no tolerance for liars. That includes manipulation and distortion.
I have no patience with stupidity and ignorance. You have a duty to educate yourself.
I abhor racism and sexism.

I am a Black Woman who has earned respect and courtesy. And even if I didn’t, I am a human being.
I don’t tolerate or indulge privilege. If you are fragile and need you white or male or light skin or cis or Christian or ableist privilege.

Go somewhere else’s with that fuckery.

♫ say you want a revolution…

how do we attack, dismantle and destroy structural racism?flag-noose

some questions, the answers to which will lead to the solution include;
what is the historical context of the problem? IMG_1559
for the each of the factors that flag bondagecontributes to the problem there are communities and persons who benefit.
these must be identified in order to address and neutralize them.flag prison

the haphazard approach to addressing the problem has failed repeated at worse and have limited gains at best.flag lynching