A woman worth more with someone’s penis

Someone said to me that it was “a shame that there was no man in my family to avenge my having been battered”. I understand what he meant but it was so distasteful. 

As if my value in the world was tied to a family member with a penis being around to avenge and/or protect me. That my father is dead and I have no brothers my aunt’s husband (formerly known as my uncle) a worthless thieving piece of shit, means that a man could feel free to mistreat me without consequence. 

My point is that all men need to move past seeing another man’s mother, sister, daughter, aunt, niece in order to see a person. 

Every man ought see every woman as a person in her own right. 

Failing to do so is evidence of misogyny and patriarchy and toxic masculinity.


stop the BULLSHIT!!!

it is well past time that we as a people got over the lies and misdirection of respectability politics.

a few weeks ago I attacked white privilege on a white woman’s post on Facebook.

a white man came after me and others in protection of this woman as if I had threatened his life and livelihood.

shit happens to Black people and I hear crickets..

how is it that we sit complacently by as our children are harmed?

worse- how is it that so many of us make excuses for white privilege and white supremacy when it harms and kills Black people.rupaul opera glasses

I had two black men ask me “But what did he do?” when I posted my support of Martese Johnson at UVa.

“but why did he run?
that music is too loud. and
she should have done what he said.”
don’t fly anymore and actually never did.

why were they there? he shouldn’t have had on a hoodie. what were they doing in the park?

here is a question

when will you address that you are co-opted by white supremacy and patriarchy and internalized racism to such an extent that you cant see black people as PEOPLE out of fear that massa might see you?


STAND ALL THE WAY UPbeyonce happy dance

Protect our community and its members


I am not drinking the pickle juicenicki shots

Some males just aren’t ready to see women as equals, intellectually or any other way.whitney no

They can play nice until you challenge their precious and fragile male (I have a penis, I must be right) Privilege.

Then their little pea heads explode, their dicks go limp as that little ‘Mint Condition/Never removed from box’ brain rolls around in a demented quest for fire.prince head move rolling side eye

2 signs you are dealing with a male and not a man.

They tell you all about themselves and never ask you about you.
” after high school, i went to college and then graduate school. I like this type of movie and that type of music. I go to this church and work over yonder”… and then never ask about your life and history. And if you try to volunteer the information they cut you off)

angbassett head turn disgust

You ask a question about their accomplishments or innate ability and it
never occurs to them, that you know enough to ask about it. ( “dude – I am listening to you and do you know your IQ?” “yes it is 399″ *thinking- really lala. I got you beat by 53points… but you wont ask me shit about me”

And when it does come up… they loose it.

One dude attacked me.
We could have been Martin and Coretta – but you are hung up on that feminism bullshit.
We could have been Malcolm and Betty – but you are an atheist.

DUDE!!— we were never gonna be either of those couples because

you ain’t never gonna benaomi cambell falling all the way out

Malcolm,malcolm_x freedom cant wait

Martin,MLK hand on forehead


Frederick,frederick douglass


Steve,steve biko

Nelson. mandela

Dude, you are one drink away from being Ike and a condom away from being

that guy on Iyanla Fix My Lifejay-34-kid guy.

You Chris Brown, Floyd Mayweather, Bill Cosby, Ray Rice, Adrian Peterson mutha fukkaangela basset car on fire

world stop

carry onI

beyonce happy dance

Haters need to stop

As a black woman whenever someone steps to me with an argument on why I should diminish myself, shrink myself, limit myself. Whenever someone comes to me with the discussion that demands that I settle, compromise or otherwise minimize my vision.
I take a deep, I take a moment, and I ask myself why? What is the motivation of any human being that demands that in order for me to be happy, I must be less than what I am, less than what God made me, express fewer of the gifts that make me unique? What doctrine or dogma,that is truly about living your best life possible,being who you truly are meant to be, improving the human condition, would ever tell you to shrink yourself to limit yourself?
I’m in the process of this inquiry, without fail, I come to realize that the person espousing the limitations of me, is living in constant fear they are not all they’re cracked up to be and in order to feel better about themselves,their gender, their race, they have to attack me my gender, my race.

Sex, Gender and the Golden Rule

I Woke Like Dis!!!
I truly,truly, truly, take exception to men who speak to women on how to be better women! I am not saying that a man cannot tell, show, help a woman to be a better woman at all. I am saying that I sincerely question the motivations intent desire goals of a man who presumes to understand my journey as a woman well enough.
Especially those who hide behind their alleged interpretation/understanding of the biblical or other religious scripture as a basis for telling me how to be a woman.
As one who has been beaten up by men, literally and figuratively, wielding a Bible, as the justification for abusive, domineering, manipulative, controlling behavior, I have found that if they cannot defend, define or otherwise describe their behavior toward me or any other woman within the confines of the golden rule, then it is highly likely, if not absolute, that their position is indefensible.
Are you saying to me, what you would want said to you? Are you saying to me what you believe applies to you? Are you saying to me, are you treating me, the way you would want your mother, wife, daughter, sister treated and if you cannot answer all those questions in the affirmative then you need to shut the fuck up and sit the fuck down