Ferguson is not Selma

No Ferguson is not Selma.

I have hurt some talk read some post from Ferguson Protest detractors, “Ferguson is not Selma!” the derision and disdain dripping from lips furled with hate and menace.

Ok Dude, calm all the way down. No one said that Ferguson was Selma. I don’t think anyone even thought of it that way.

I think that Ferguson is like MONTGOMERY. and unless you want to be recorded in history as a member of the WCC/KKK you need to Shut the Fuck Up!

The White Citizens’ Council was begun in Mississippi in 1954 following the U.S. Supreme Court ruling that segregated schools were unconstitutional. The Council was a white resistance campaign against school integration and other efforts for black advancement. Unlike the Ku Klux Klan, the Council was open rather than secret and maintained that it was against violence. It pursued racist economic and political avenues to undermine black progress. The Council publicized the names of blacks working for change so that they would lose their jobs, credit ratings and income. To oppose school integration, the Council established private white academies. Although the Council spread across the South, by the late 1960s they went into decline.
In January 1956, a month after the start of the boycott, W. A. Gayle, the mayor of Montgomery, joined the White Citizens Council, publicly declaring,
‘‘I think every right-thinking white person in Montgomery, Alabama and the South should do the same.
We must make certain that Negroes are not allowed to force their demands on us.…’’ (Azbell, ‘‘Council Official Says’’).
By the next month WCC membership had doubled.
The WCC attempted multiple strategies to stop the boycott, from prosecuting the boycott organizers to pressuring insurance agencies throughout the South to cancel policies for church-owned vehicles. King appealed to President Dwight D. Eisenhower to investigate violence perpetrated by WCC members after Montgomery Improvement Association (MIA) members’ homes were bombed, and an effigy of a black man and a white man ‘‘who ‘talked integration’’’ were hung in downtown Montgomery (Papers 3:357). The attorney general responded to King’s appeal, writing that ‘‘the activities of the White Citizens Council … [do] not appear to indicate violations of federal criminal statutes’’ (Papers 3:365).

In a 1956 New York speech, King described the WCC as a modern Ku Klux Klan, targeting black and white people supportive of civil rights. ‘‘They must be held responsible for all of the terror, the mob rule, and brutal murders that have encompassed the South over the last several years,’’

King said. ‘‘It is an indictment on America and democracy that these ungodly and unethical and un-Christian and un-American councils have been able to exist all of these months without a modicum of criticism from the federal government’’ (Papers 3:475).

King encountered WCC groups all over the South, from Selma, Alabama—the first Alabama town to create a White Citizens’ Council—to Jackson, Mississippi, where Medgar Evers, the local National Association for the Advancement of Colored People chairman, was killed by a WCC member. King feared that WCC activities would prevent white moderates from becoming involved in desegregation issues. WCC groups, King argued, ‘‘demand absolute conformity from whites and abject submission from Negroes.… What channels of communication had once existed between whites and Negroes have thus now been largely closed’’ (King, 16 October 1959).

As late as 1966, the White Citizens’ Council teamed up with the virulently anti-Communist John Birch Society to petition the federal government to investigate whether King and over 100,000 other rights activists had Communist connections. Yet King believed that their power was fading: ‘‘Two years ago Americans, in a presidential election, overwhelmingly rejected representatives of Birchism and the White Citizens Council,’’ he said, referring to Barry Goldwater’s defeat by Lyndon B. Johnson. ‘‘It is my honest opinion that this same majority still finds repulsive persons who strive to impose 19th Century standards upon our society’’ (King, 26 May 1966.

We know and understand what the fight is about and what is at stake. we understand that you may change the initials but the tactics remain the same. you claim that you don’t see a problem with a police officer shooting a black child to death and leaving his body in the street for four and a half hours, but in you Grinch-like heart you know that it was a lynching, and illegal act and a warning to the community- ‘look what we can do. with impunity. now get to the back of the bus. stay in you place NIGGER.’
Don’t over simplify this. don’t ask if I hate all police officers or all white people. Don’t tell me that not all white people are racists, not all police officers are murderers. Don’t do anything that undermines the conversation by insulting my intellect or analysis.

just know that the initials and uniforms don’t fool me.

If you think that grown Black men who play professional sports for a living don’t have the right to support the Ferguson protesters – racists in hood said what?
If you think that grand jury was right to not indite Darren Wilson and you haven’t read the testimony – lazy fuck in the hood said what?

If you think that grand jury was right to not indite Darren Wilson and you haven’t read the testimony – stupid fuck in the hood said what?

If you are cook with being on the same side of history as Bull Conner nad George Wallace and the members of WCC/KKK groups across this country… no problem

Just remember, Ferguson is not Selma...