Decolonization 101

Decolonization exercise.
Stop “othering” yourself.
White should not me the default (adjective or hyphenate less) person or Americans for Black people talking to Black People about Black people.
I am a person. I am the center of my universe. When I talk about myself and my people I don’t need an adjective or hyphenate.

“Other” white people.

I tell a story about a friend who travels extensively and has his gorgeous blouse that I would love to have lunch it’s like. I ask her about it and she tells me that you got it it Italy street address everything she doesn’t care if I buy it just go to Italy get it.
And than I say to the person that I’m telling the story to, “what race is the woman, is my friend?”

Most people say why when I ask why they answer but you didn’t say she was Black.

Part of the colonization of the people is to create in the mind of the individuals in the community the notion that you are the other in relationship to the norm.

When I speak of my people I do not require an adjective or hyphenate.

I am no longer in my own mind.