why we march

crazy!!! you don’t get why we march against systemic racism and classism? WE LIVE IN A SEGREGATED CITY WITH AN INFERIOR SCHOOL SYSTEM THAT MAKE BLACK AND BROWN NEIGHBORHOOD SCHOOLS SUFFER THE MOST WITH DISPARATE APPLICATIONS OF POLICE FORCE FOOD /PRODUCE DESERTS WITH EXTREME ECONOMIC OPPORTUNITY DISPARITY DISPARATE AVAILABILITY OF MEDICAL CARE you don’t want to get it because it is as plain as the color of your skin… you want to be stuck on stupid, “Massa, we got a cold”, “Massa, our house is on fire” mentality that Malcolm X warned us about. We have HISTORY!! we need to appreciate and learn from it. critically apply those lessons to our current obstacles and STOP falling for the cheap oke doke BS.

we who believe in FREEDOM

Dude said that only bad black kids get murdered by the police,
good black kids stay put of trouble.

I asked: so an honor student has a greater right to live than a struggling student.
math and science students are worth more than vocational students. oh and wait. the killer knew what type of student they were when they were killed.

My sons dont wear a sign that says that state that
they are academically and musically and athletically gifted,
a list of courses taken,
books read,
projects completed,
from a close knit loving family.

my sons look like every other black man in America
(but more handsome and intelligent, I love them..).

none of what they know or do will stop some privilege racist cop from killing them and lying about what happened.

the fuckery and foolishness of the willfully uninformed, the arrogantly ignorant and the silence of alleged allies and terrified unaffected, damns this situation to fester and re-occur.

the life of every black mother’s son must matter just as much as the life of every white mothers son..