the importance of quality education is essential to developingread_a_book

critical thinking and a

love of lifelong learning.

but also it gives one a working

the struggle is realknowledge of history and its lessons.

to avoid repeating history and the mistakes related to that one must

know and understand history and

engage in critical thinking,

complex analysis.

all Americans should care greatly about education

education makes one unfit to be a slavewhite opinions NO

My thoughts of Education, Chicago Public Schools, disparate opportunity. WARNING: I AM GOING IN!!!

There is rampant, open and notorious disparity in Chicago Public Schools.

this is just CPS

NOW, compare the best of CPS to University of Chicago Laboratory School.

this is where Barack, Arne and Rahm sent or send their children. what do the people who make educational policy for our children want for their own is a good place to start your analysis

I AM GOING IN!!! – Education _ schools – CPS

There are threshold facts needed to be discussed prior to a real discussion about education, especially public education, particularly Chicago Public Schools.

To begin, we must address that we as citizens and or parents have a right to quality public education in our city.
Chicago has a particularly twisted history of segregation and inequality.
References to what “we had, back in the day “, as good enough are not relevant standards as the playing field has and continues to change.


1. Public education was designed to train workers. THE MOVE FROM AMERICA AS AN INDUSTRY BASED ECONOMY FROM A FARM BASED ECONOMY. That is part of why it is run like a factory.

2. Black americans must get clear that they(educational elite and politicians) don’t want us to learn or think – “be able to fill out job application” PennyPritzker, former CPS board member and friend of PBO. Ramh Emmanuel believes over half of CPS gets aren’t worth an education and will allow for profit charter schools to exploit the communities.

3. We have to accept that we are the products of a factory system and learn what real education looks like.

4. We have to understand that changes in US economy means that workers aren’t trained for jobs anymore, but now are trained to be prisoners of the prison industrial complex.

5.The educational elite believe that certain people don’t deserve a quality education, because then no one will want to mow the lawns and make the beds.

6. To begin to appreciate what real education looks like – look were the powerful send their children. compare, demand and accept nothing less. &. the fight for education is directly related to systemic racism and income inequality

factors to evaluate:
class size.
teacher experience/education
professional development
professional support and planning
resources – library, computers, field trips, books, instruments
curriculum – art, music, fine arts, plus the three “r’s”
finally – think on this.

nothing is free.

your tax dollars are used to pay for the dismal excuse of education that is CPS.

this is happening on your watch

Are there things that you mother said to you, that you would never say to your child?

My mother told me not to let boys know that I was smart, because men don’t like smart women.

I told my daughter that there are men who are not intimidated by smart women, they may be outnumbered by those who are… but they exist.adichie not afraid of intimidating men

Mother’s Love, Apron strings and my thoughts on parenting

Mother’s Love and Growing Up

So, here is my theory on parenting:lil teamRomeo

  • Approach everything with LOVE first, especially when you want to smack the taste out of their little (or not so little) mouth.
  • What is the lesson you want the child to learn? Are you an example of that, reinforcing that? Get creative. This is more than your legacy. This is their LIFE.be the person
  • Your job as a Parent is to put yourself out of a job. You children should grow up to be the most whole and happy and capable adult possible. You are going to participate in the creation of a new PEER!
  • Failures and setbacks are a “WE” analysis.  clair huxtable big funSuccesses and accomplishments are a “YOU” (the kid) analysis.
  • Your Children do not belong to you. They are not property.sidney get off my back They owe us nothing that we haven’t taught them and we owe them everthing.
  • If you believe in a Divine creator, when asked about your care of the souls placed in your care, what will your answer(s) be?????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????
  • As a mother, whether a single mother or not, KNOW that no one is going to stand with you and GIVE NO FUCKS!!! kerry washington fuck you smile
  • An elementary school Principal told me to cut the apron strings. I told her that I had been such a hellion all my life that my only way in to heaven was to be a really good mother. “So buckle up BITCH – it’s going to be a long bumpy ride”bette-davis-bumpy-ride-gif
  • A high school principal accused me of being a helicopter parent. – I told her that I was in fact a jellyfish parent – floating graceful and beautifully near, ready to sting at a moment’s notice, seemingly without notice, but never without cause.jellyfish
  • Parenting is a RIDE OR DIE propositions. I have always told my children that I will march through heaven and hell for them, but it better not be over some BS because when I get back –I’m coming for them.
  • Teach history, personal, family cultural history. Focus on goals not limitation – give children roots – to grow and Wings to soar.

That being said.

At some point, there is a milestone that signals the end of your job as all knowing, doing parent to the  trusted confidant, adviser parent…

Sending my first to college – I became physically ill and took to my bed for 24 hours.

Sending the second to college – I became physically ill and had to stop and throw up on the side of the road.

Sending my third off to college. I dyed my hair blonde.



The Dark Side of Colorism

So it is Black History Month… now what.

I am struck by and a tad stuck on the issues of “colorism”

.Colorism, a term coined by Alice Walker in 1982, means discrimination based on skin color, or colorism, is a form of prejudice or discrimination in which human beings are treated differently based on the social meanings attached to skin color.

I am a mother of two sons and a daughter. We are dark skinned Black Americans.

im black yall

I brought my children up as I had been. To love my complexion, it is a badge of honor.

The unscathed, unbroken symbol of a great and mighty people. We are the descendants of those who fought to survive.

I gave them family pride, cultural pride and racial pride, and more importantly personal pride.

So keeping this in mind I have recently been inundated with studies that document that racism and colorism entitles and privileges those who are not darker and punishes and deprives those who are darker.

The study—entitled “The Relationship Between Skin Tone and School Suspension for African Americans”—found that darker-skinned African-American students were more likely to be suspended than those with lighter skin tones.

Specifically, the researchers found that a young African-American female with the darkest skin tone was 3.4 times as likely to be suspended compared to the one with the lightest skin.

The darkest skin African-American males were only 2.5 times as likely to be suspended as those with the lightest skin tones, but the study notes that African-American males—for whom the “controlling image … is of a dangerous, criminal predator”—experience higher rates of suspensions than females overall, the study states.

The findings show that the broad categories of race that are often used are inadequate to capture the various forms of discrimination that impact African-Americans of different hues—from school discipline to more serious matters, such as capital punishment.

“This is important because it’s a way in which the idea of race and racial hierarchy plays into all different kinds of aspects of life,” said Robert DeFina, Professor and Chairperson Department of Sociology and Criminology at Villanova University.

“And what this (study) does is it kind of complements the idea of race itself in these kind of racial categories that we use,” define said.

To do the study, DeFina and his colleagues—Lance Hannon, also a sociology professor at Villanova, and Sarah Bruch, a sociology professor at the University of Iowa—mined data from the US Bureau of Labor Statistics, which in 2010 began using a measure of “interviewer-assessed” skin tone in its National Longitudinal Survey of Youth. The measure involves 10 shades of skin color that correspond to a 1-to-10 “color scale.”

The study’s findings of a positive correlation between darker skin and higher suspension rates held even after other factors were taken into account, such as the socioeconomic status of the students’ parents, delinquent behavior, academic performance and other variables.


No one wants to discuss this.disgusted no

This is beyond Bill Duke’s #EpicFail in Dark Girls and the longer/sadder Light Girls.

This is the systemic reinforcement of strata and class defined by color based upon enslavement, segregation, and rape.

Lets take a moment and recall how gradation of black complexion developed in North America.

MULATTO  (1927) by Langston Hughes

I am your son, white man!
Georgia dusk
And the turpentine woods.
One of the pillars of the temple fell.
You are my son!
Like Hell!
The moon over the turpentine woods.
The Southern night
Full of stars,
Great big yellow stars.
What’s a body but a toy?
Juicy bodies
Of nigger wenches
Blue black
Against black fences.
O, you little bastard boy,
What’s a body but a toy?
The scent of pine wood stings the soft night air.
What’s the body of your mother?
Silver moonlight everywhere.
What’s the body of your mother?
Sharp pine scent in the evening air.
A nigger night,
A nigger joy,
A little yellow
Bastard boy.
Naw, you ain’t my brother.
Niggers ain’t my brother.
Not ever.
Niggers ain’t my brother.
The Southern night is full of stars,
Great big yellow stars.
O, sweet as earth,
Dusk dark bodies
Give sweet birth
To little yellow bastard boys.
Git on back there in the night,
You ain’t white
The bright stars scatter everywhere.
Pine wood scent in the evening air.
A nigger night,
A nigger joy.
I am your son, white man!
A little yellow
Bastard boy.

As lighter skin blacks were a product of rape,

as no enslaved person can consent to sexual intercourse,

and an educational system which routinely punishes blacks more than whites and dark skin blacks more than other lighter blacks is unequal and toxic,

and this educational system is also part of a prison for profit pipeline,

we are regulating darker skinned Black boys and girls to a life with fewer legitimate options than lighter Blacks and whites.

schol to prison pipeline

I then have to look at my precious children and wonder, what protected them?

God, and ME

There is a reason why I was discouraged from participating in the life of my children by every bureaucratic cog and nutjob.

Because you can’t destroy my child in my face.

I have a great sense of gratitude for this revelation.

My mother protected me fiercely.

She would be proud of me.

The proper education of our children is essential.

And systemic racism, colorism and sexism and the other “isms” and antithetical to a healthy educational environment.

Dear CPS

Dear Chicago Public Schools,

Below is a link to the Frontline broadcast of a class divided. I offer it to you as an example of how to improve the school system.
As a Black parent of Black (former) CPS students (1999-2013), I have had to interact with racists, sexists, bigoted teachers and administrators. Layer upon layer of disregard and coverup of unprofessional and racists behavior and discriminatory application of of doctrine and policy.

A series of seminars along the line of this would expose and potentially eliminate so many of the gross and racists assumptions that impede communication and negatively impact student development.

Add to this the abject failure of CPS to develop curricula that addresses anything but the european american mythology reflects and evidences disregard and indifference to the needs of non-european american students and their families.


Giftedness and Blackness

As a mother of gifted children, I have often tried to share my experience with parents who I believe have gifted children. Mostly I am greeted with fear and denial. I have even shared with some parents”but look at you. You are a gifted adult, were a gifted child ” the must common response is denial and shame.
Followed by confusion and avoidance. You have to wonder what in our cultural psyche predisposes us to deny the existence of giftedness in out community?