Black Lives Matter to Black People who have been taught that Black Lives Matter…

the struggle is real

when Black people ask me why dont Black Lives matter to Black People…

I wonder what fucking planet they live on.
“do they speak English in WHAT?”

I live in a society that tells me at EVERY turn that I and mine ain’t shit.
When I rant about oppression, I am called “militant” and “revolutionary” and “troublemaker”. im black yall
“we aren’t like you, Dee” “I cant be angry all the time” “Girl you need JESUS”
and then some fucked up shit happens to a child and there is the ritualistic wringing of hands, gnashing of teeth and weeping and wailing…


when did we teach Black folks that Black Lives MATTER?flag bondage

I believe that a community as oppressed as ours,
needs to stop blaming itself for evidencing oppression.
we don’t control guns, schools, policing in our community.
we don’t even control most churches as too many and ooftah crazed doing MASSA’s bidding, instead of BlackLiberationTheology.

we beat our children as if time has stood still and beating was good enough for my momma, why not me. there was a time that we beat children so Massa wouldnt sell them away, so that the KKK wouldnt lynch them, and the world has changed some and maybe we need to at least think about changing too.flag-noose

we abandon children to the system- I remember the first time I saw the smoldering rage in the tears of a child publicly betrayed and humiliated by teacher and parent… I promised myself that I WOULD NEVER DO THAT TO MY CHILD. I will kick that ass all the way home, rant and rave all night and start again in the morning, but not in public.

I recall the snear on the face of the white teacher who wanted me to help her emotionally lynch my child. first confusion, then disbelief and then anger. while I sat calmly, ‘no miss ann, that is not what my son said” ” my daughter said the event occured differently” ” how is what you are saying respectful to me or my child”white womens tears collection

“cause you cant sell my baby away from me anymore and BITCH you dont own me either.”patsey pinky tea

we have failed to educate our children/ History is both a shield and a sword. Black History Month is most of CPS is driffle about Martin’s DreamMLK hands up and Rosa’s Seat . they dont know Frederickfrederick douglass or Harriet or Langston or James.

when was the last time you heard or said “Nigger’s aint Shit”

Black Lives Matter to Black People who have been taught that Black Lives Matter…

By Any Means Necessary!malcolm x


The Myth of Virginity and Importance of “PURITY” and “why do you think that is”

The Myth of Virginity and Importance of “PURITY” and “why do you think that is”dee tired

I recently saw an article about a young woman who presented HER FATHER with proof of VIRGINITY at her wedding.

I love a fairytale wedding and i love a close father daughter relationship. I had a very close and very intellectual relationship with my father. who would always ask me…”why do you think that is?”


1. a woman was her father’s property and then her husbands
a. taking your husbands names at marriage
b. the question at the wedding ceremony – “who gives this woman to be married?”

2. marriage was a business transaction that the woman had no input in.

3. female virginity insured that a mans first child was his prior to DNA tests
a. the first born son inherited the estate of his father
b. the first born daughter was offered in marriage to increase the family financial and political position.

4. the inequity between the value of female virginity and male virginity
a. slut shaming
b. control of female life choices
c. men who are sexual adventures are REAL MEN

So without speaking to the particulars of this situation. I would never encourage my child, male or female to be a virgin at marriage or to marry a virgin.

I would encourage my child to set her/his personal standards for all things in hie/her life and to live up to them.

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the importance of quality education is essential to developingread_a_book

critical thinking and a

love of lifelong learning.

but also it gives one a working

the struggle is realknowledge of history and its lessons.

to avoid repeating history and the mistakes related to that one must

know and understand history and

engage in critical thinking,

complex analysis.

all Americans should care greatly about education

education makes one unfit to be a slavewhite opinions NO