Black, Brilliant, Beautiful and Cool

years ago I was at MSI with the children and a white woman came rushing over to protect her child from an interactive exhibit where my son was playing.
her expression was one of repulsion and fear, as if you can get brilliant, beautiful and cool just from touching a black child.

I swooped in at grabbed up my child and stated loudly.
“no, don’t touch THAT.
you don’t know where it has been and
they don’t wash often”

she stopped, stunned and confused.wrong bitch
As if it had never occurred to her that someone would discriminate against her or her child.
as if no one ever could value blackness.

prior to the #BlackLivesMatter movement, I would be reproached and condemned when telling that story…

I’ll just leave this herebernie mac  I bother it

McKinny Texas –

Before you good liberal whites start off with It had nothing to do with race

Before you selfhating racial confused ooftah blacks start with it had nothing to do with race

He is not terrified. he is a vicious violent racist. He is blind to her humanity as she sits there screaming for her mother. He would loose his mind if some one did that to a white child. So terrified that he had to SIT ON HER. that is not terror. not for him. that is inhuman savagery. that is base and vile. what self respecting man does that to an unarmed child. that is the mentality that enslaved and lynched and raped and believed it was ok because white jesus said so in a book he never read and wouldn’t understand if he did. the list of what black people arent allowed to do grows and now includes swimming. But a comparison to Apartheid or reference to genocide would be inappropriate here. i cant wait for the comments -“It had nothing to do with Race”

about the young man beaten in Baltimore by his mother

about the young man beaten in Baltimore by his mother

I went because in the past, a lot of my friends been beaten, killed, abandoned, hurt by the police—so I went down there just to fight for what I stand for...” – Michael  Singleton

the struggle is real

He wasn’t looting,

he was protesting.

My only issue is that at 16 yo, if I tell you to stay in the house…

you better stay in the house and work on changing my mind.

I am the adult and love you and am responsible for you

heart hand
and if you do disobey me


there will be consequences, serious fucking consequences,

but you are no man’s slave/property, not even mine!

amazed black man

I stopped using them to wash my dog, she got a rash

I hope you mean well and I hope you can really hear me.rupaul opera glasses
“I dont see color” is a microaggression.
My culture and color are important to me and I will not allow them to be dismissed and black yall
Race and racism are ingrained in amercan culture and history. racism is oppressive.
Privilege allows the oppressor class to ignore race and oppression.
That is what I would like you to examine. How the anchor’s comments was an inappropriate oppressive representation of all that is immoral, unethical and hurtful about the racial history in the US and UK. I dont know how many black friends you have or if you even consider yourself an ally. One of the first things one must do to truly be an ally is to listen. Really listen to what the people you wish to assist are saying. Then ask how you can help. Telling me what you think is way down the road, after you have demonstrated that you have hear and understood my call.

Anything less than that is a demonstration of UNCHECKED WHITE PRIVILEGE!all the privilege unchecked

who exactly do you think is ‘unsettled’? or attacked?
as for your apology, I suspect it is as genuine as any other offered in a spirit of vitriol and resentment. you dont want to consider any opinion but your own.
so in addition to unchecked white privilege you may also suffer from white savior complex. white opinions NO
You are not my great white hope and I am not anyone’s good compliant negro. bye bitch
Understand or not. I have spent a good deal of my life as a Black Woman. max aghast
it governs how I am treated and perceived by the world. as I watch the #BlackLivesMatter movement and raise my children,malcolm_x freedom cant wait

I am beyond clear what factors contribute to the cycle of racism and destruction in the society and one of those factors of refusal of ‘good intention’ white people to actually listen and be accountable. Privilege is a hell of a drug.

MLK said “Many white Americans of good will have never connected bigotry with economic exploitation. They have deplored prejudice but tolerated or ignored economic injustice.” andking handcuffed
“Every man must decide whether he will walk in the light of creative altruism or in the darkness of destructive selfishness.”

MLK hand on forehead“Nothing in the world is more dangerous than sincere ignorance and conscientious stupidity.”
― Martin Luther King Jr.

you can be angry with me all you want – I collect white tears to wash my car and water my lawn…white tears

you can feel sorry all you want – I collect white tears to wash my car and water my lawn…white womens tears collection

the “Let’s Blame the Victim” train stops HERE

I have no words.
this was the 300th black person killed by police officers this year.
it is APRIL 10, 2015. April 10 is the 100th day of the year.
3 black people have been murdered by police officers… every day this year.
Chris Rock, who doesn’t owe childsupport,

has been pulled over in his car three times in 6 weeks,

because a even a rich black man cant drive a nice car.
and thanks to a MURDERING Cop,

Walter Scott’s kids will never get wont get any back owed childsupport or a chance to grow up with their father…

because he is dead..
so I am a little disgusted with the

“Let’s Blame the Victim” train and will get off of it now and

invite all those who respect

human life to join me.

nicki evil lip quiver

we who believe in FREEDOM

Dude said that only bad black kids get murdered by the police,
good black kids stay put of trouble.

I asked: so an honor student has a greater right to live than a struggling student.
math and science students are worth more than vocational students. oh and wait. the killer knew what type of student they were when they were killed.

My sons dont wear a sign that says that state that
they are academically and musically and athletically gifted,
a list of courses taken,
books read,
projects completed,
from a close knit loving family.

my sons look like every other black man in America
(but more handsome and intelligent, I love them..).

none of what they know or do will stop some privilege racist cop from killing them and lying about what happened.

the fuckery and foolishness of the willfully uninformed, the arrogantly ignorant and the silence of alleged allies and terrified unaffected, damns this situation to fester and re-occur.

the life of every black mother’s son must matter just as much as the life of every white mothers son..