no single solution for a multifaceted problem 

as the weather gets warmer and violence is on the rise in marginalized, 


 under educated and 

underemployed communities… 

I am asking you, gentle reader, 

to consider that WE have to stop putting a band-aid on a broken leg. slogans aren’t going to fix a problem that was created by forces of white supremacy nearly 10 generations ago, if not before. 
there are basic human needs that people in some communities are denied.
consider the things that make your life worth living and consider how you would feel and act if you didnt have them… through no fault of your own.
using myself as an example…

i was born into an educated family and raised by loving parents – 

education and connections afforded me job opportunities

salaries from these jobs allowed cultural and other experiences which enriched my quality of live
these are things upon which i lucked up on… now dont count me out – i worked these opportunities like I was a pimp. ‘Bitch better have my money” but what if…
violence seems to be more prevalent in communities without quality education

jobs – real jobs and economic opportunity

quality nutrition and access to nature and its products

quality medical care

opportunity for cultural and other creative expression
so in addition to saying stop the violence… we need to march, uprise, tweet and demand 

quality education

jobs – real jobs and economic opportunity

quality nutrition and access to nature and its products

quality medical care

opportunity for cultural and other creative expression
for the entire city

fiercely and fearlessly 

My thoughts this morning are on fierce fearless love. That is how I was loved as a child. 

That is how I love my children. 

Some where along the way I forgot to love myself fiercely and fearlessly. And the forgetting became a habit and the not fiercely and fearlessly loving myself became the norm. 

And I allowed others to not love me well. 

And that was what it was for a very long time. 

That was then. And this is mutha fucking Now
I have survived and now it is time to thrive. 
Moving forward I will and do love me as fiercely and fearlessly as I have loved others. 
I will love me first and foremost. 

I will not allow myself to not be well loved. 

I will forgive myself the way I forgive others. 
And the opinions and approval of others are neither desired or required. 
That is all. 

“But I never owned slaves…”

“If your ancestors cut down all the trees, it’s not your fault, but you still don’t live in a forest.”  Pam Oliver, a professor in the UW-Madison sociology department, explaining the historical roots of racism in the United States to her undergraduate students (mostly middle-class and White). I try to use this when I teach race now, too, to get past the defensive “but why are you BLAMING ME” reaction. (via cabell)
To all the white people who say that they shouldn’t have responsibility in racism because they’re ancestors and not them who participated in slavery, think about this!

I miss being in love

I miss being in love
the flutter of excitement at the sound of the voice, 

the touch of the hand.
I remember washing all but one pillowcase… 

he traveled with his work and I would keep his smell in the bed until he returned.

I miss the knowing looks that well loved lovers share.

“this is bullshit”

“can we go now”
“you look good enough to eat…” “we should get home”
the trust developed over time – “baby?” as you hand something to him, take something from him… cause that is how you two do.
the lust and sacred sex

turned up and turned out
where you think about that thing he did… a week later and your knees still go out from under you.
I miss being in love 

Stolen Culture 

Warning – I am done with the Ghetto name bullshit. I take exception to harsh and racist critiques of A people stripped of an historical culture are within their rights to rebuild it. If these people are also denied proper education and resources and use imagination and popular culture are a foundation for the rebuilt culture. so be it. 
I am about to do a DNA test because I want to know what parts of Africa my people came from. Not because my family ignored its history and heritage but because it was stripped from me like clothing and freedom. my family is 5 generations born free in this country. A 6th generation was born slave and emancipated. thats as far back as I can go. 
An East Indian friend (how prejudiced does that sound) has a daughter 2 years older than mine. She regaled me over cocktails of the horror of teenage girls and prom and the dress and driving and boys and we laughed so had to women moving from mother to crone, laughing and yelling about those sweet maiden daughters. On story made me sad sick to my stomach. the prom dress augment.
my friend encouraged her daughter to wear a formal sari to graduation. deflected the concern that it looked like a costume. dealt with the sexy factor and crushing comment. I’ll get it out of the way so that I dont have to deal with the traditional wedding later. we howled with laughter as my friend recalled that she told her daughter that she was paying and grown and we will see about the wedding.
I dont get to have that conversation with my daughter. we are ???? our brides wear??? i wore, my mother wore and you will wear??? 
It pisses me off as much as it breaks my heart. and that is the ‘light’ side of a stolen history, culture.

A Special Blessing. To those who Parent Alone. On this Mother’s Day

Whether by choice or chance… death, divorce or desertion…

 A special Blessing to those who parent alone.. 

your heart is big enough,

 your will strong enough,

 even you there are not hours in the day or energy in your body – 

to get it all done… 

thru tears, smiles, rage, fear.

  because you love.. You Do!

  Be Blessed ~ Blessed Be ♥



If you know about Black history and understand humanity, then you appreciate no other community that survived about 250 years of enslavement based solely of race, conditions of birth. 

250 years is about 16 generations. 

from 1630 -1866. and in this country. 

at the end of that enslavement, which was not like GWTW or ROOTS, there was JimCrowSegregation 

American Apartheid. from 1890 to 1970. so that is 350 years total. 

Black people have been in America since 1619.