I am so proud of that!!


Last Monday and today, Wednesday, I posted a series of questions on Facebook, Twitter and Tumblr. And I am going to post them again on Friday and finally on Sunday,


What about being BLACK makes you PROUD?


what makes you PROUD to be BLACK?


What is your SOURCE of BLACK PRIDE?


So far only one person has responded.

He did not address the question posed and stated that he wasn’t ashamed of his racial makeup.

I have suggested that this is not the same as being proud… I await his response.


It is important as I ask this question that I explain what I mean and answer the question myself.


My source of Black Pride is history.  I take great pride in being a descendant of those who fought to survive.  

Think about being captured and sold away from all you know.

The gruelling MIDDLE PASSAGE.  

The Auction Block.  

The Slave Quarters.

The life of doom and fear!!

The long hard days.

The complete disregard of humanity.  

Someone from who I descended, MY ANCESTOR, in the face of all of this, s/he, they  looked up and through tears and terror and chose LIFE!!

The Fierce Warrior refused to be beaten, even as days, turned to years and made children in the face of a capricious existence, not out of stupidity but out of tenacious determination.


I am very proud of that.


I am proud of the people on the Continent from which my ancestors  were taken.  

I recently did a DNA test in an attempt to learn about where and who I come from.

I have struggled to accept and forgive the portion of me that is from Europe. Yes forgive!!  because I have no historical reason to believe that this was a love connection.

Learning that my DNA is from East and South Africa, in addition to West Africa feels me with curiosity and celebration.

I am proud of the existence of my people on the North American Continent.

The songs, the dances, the poems, the novels, the LOVE!!!!  that we create and express in the face of GENOCIDE, SEGREGATION, ENSLAVEMENT!!  

Sweet Jesus,  DO YOU HEAR ME!!!

In the face of JimCrowSegregation we thrived.

In the face of SLAVERY we jumped the broom

We have yet to get a fair deal on the continent,

yet to have full citizenship and humanity and yet we THRIVE!!!

I am so proud of that!!

Author: pdeedixon

Woman. Mother. Lawyer. Black. RaceWoman. Womanist. Feminist. LBGTQQPIA ally. divorced

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