Permission of the state

How is Black on Black crime different from white on white crime?

We live in a segregated society and crime is often defined by proximity.

The police however have taken an oath and sworn a duty to serve and protect.

They are trained and armed and sent into our community by the government, by the state.

They murder us with the

permission and

training and

equipment of the government.

Author: pdeedixon

Woman. Mother. Lawyer. Black. RaceWoman. Womanist. Feminist. LBGTQQPIA ally. divorced

4 thoughts on “Permission of the state”

  1. Quit breaking the law in the name of your “identity” and you’ll stop having this problem. Quit treating the police as enemy occupation troops and they’ll stop treating you like hostiles.

    1. It’s funny that Roof and Dear actually killed people but were taken alive and that I am breaking the law in the name of my identity, not killing anyone and being killed. McDonald, Scott, Brand, Boyd, Rice. Thee is a long list of Black People who are dead for not breaking the law and alive white murderers. You lack of knowledge and empathy understanding of history is bounded by your arrogant white privilege. The myth of white supremacy has diluted you into believing that your humanity is greater than that of any Black person. And it’s not.

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