3 thoughts on “Black Lives Matter”

  1. Unfortunately, caustic and accusatory remarks by some #BlackLivesMatter adherents do present an appearance of hate. It’s evocative of “radical” black groups of the 60’s and 70’s. An example: When Bernie Sanders’ supporters mentioned Sanders’ involvement with civil rights actions, it was dismissed (“that was 50 years ago and means nothing today”). While there may be some truth in that, it must be appreciated that such dismissive remarks can serve to alienate some who might be supporters of the cause.

    In reading some of your comments, including those at Twitter, I believe you to be a better presenter of the concerns of #BlackLivesMatter. You’re assertive, perhaps “in your face” at times, but a broad reading of your comments seems to convey not only a sense of anger but also of the pain of discrimination.

    However, there are those amongst the #BlackLivesMatter adherents who present a more strident, hateful demeanor. They may be entitled to feel a sense of hate. But applying it liberally to *anyone* who is white does a disservice to your cause insofar as it may alienate some who might otherwise not be alienated.

    The bottom line: There are many voices of #BlackLivesMatter. Some are better, and more effective, communicators than others. Those who are less so are problematic, in my view.

    1. Your statements up and down some sense you might have a good heart but you haven’t researched any of the terms you throwing around you have no understanding of how privilege allows you even though you claim to be a not so privileged white to ignore black humanity. Nothing in this movement advocates hate being strident doesn’t make you angry or hate field it means that you have a purpose. If white people privileged or not have the ability to put an end to racism why haven’t you done it by now!! The lack of action on your part speaks to a high level of comfort with the way things currently are which means black lives matter is not only not hayfield but it is a necessary movement to move black people black lives to a place of equality

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