you and your fragile privilege 

To all my nonBlack Friends and followers.
How did it feel?

Are you familiar with the concepts of cognitive dissonance and implicit bias?
I ask because today I experienced something that heretofore I had only read about.

Studs Terkel writes about a white woman getting lost in a Black neighborhood and freaking out when people start shouting at her from the sidewalk.

What she didn’t realize at the time was that she was going the wrong way on a one-way street and people were just trying to warn her yet in this situation she perceived only danger

Today coming home I followed behind a car off of Lake Shore Drive that didn’t seem real sure where it was going and it turned at my regular corner where I turn to head home and then again on the cross street that takes me to my block and then again on to my one-way street.
The car then pulled over to the side to let me pass by presuming that I was following them,

the problem is they pulled over to block my driveway.

First,I waited behind the car and signaled that I wanted to turn, thinking they would see my turn signal in their review mirror and realize that they were blocking my driveway.

Then, I pulled up next to her car window is signaled for her to rolled down her window. At this point I think the white woman in the car with the two children began to panic because Chicago is so dangerous at 1 o’clock in the afternoon. She shook her head, looked straightforward and

Window up, refusing to look around, she locked her doors.

At which point I developed an attitude and leaned on my horn until she looked at me.

She rolled down her window and screamed “leave me alone! what do you want for me”

To which I responded not so calmly “bitch you are blocking my fucking driveway! get out of my way so I can go home. ”
It took minutes for her to register what was happening.

Now another car is coming down the street and I pull into an open spot in front of a neighbors house. The woman pulls out and leaves my block.
I wonder if she realizes that while she might have been lost she was never in danger.

Implicit bias. Cognitive dissonance.

Blocking my mutha fukkn driveway

Author: pdeedixon

Woman. Mother. Lawyer. Black. RaceWoman. Womanist. Feminist. LBGTQQPIA ally. divorced

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