Of mice and Women

I am so bored by the hate loathing and disrespect heaped on black women. I am bored by black males hiding behind patriarchal tropes and misogynistic memes so that that can feel better about being weak or afraid or intimidated or tired. A ton of micropenis ashy ankh ooftahs attempting to control and shame women in the name of God, Jesus, and other myths of male omnipotent and omniscience perpetrating as organized religion. 
You tell us you want us to be petty imitations of little white girls than criticize us for wearing weaves. 
Tell us that you want partners in the revolution. Then get angry when we are strong and smart and sexy. 
Routinely compare us to women in other cultures but shit bricks when we date and marry outside of the race.  
Don’t forget who was by your side in the belly of the slave ship. Hanging from the branch next to your lynched body. Marching on Washington. 
Making meals and babies and signs and songs and homes even when you were murdered or just died or just left. 
Are you made at us for not waiting to be rescued? For not screaming and falling into a heap of frail femininity. So lost so useless without you. 

What foolishness and fuckery!

We loved you too much to let your children starve. We love ourselves too much to die with or for you. 

These black power Christian ooftahs buying into Eurocentric patriarchy and wondering why it doesn’t fit. 

Author: pdeedixon

Woman. Mother. Lawyer. Black. RaceWoman. Womanist. Feminist. LBGTQQPIA ally. divorced

One thought on “Of mice and Women”

  1. *waves church fan* Take yo time sista!

    They only “love” us if we let them be our oppressors and give ourselves completely up for their betterment. We are queens as long as we’re defending them, but LAWD don’t let us demand reciprocity. Don’t let us have our own desires and goals that satisfy us. Suddenly we’re the source of all the problems within our communities.

    They don’t even realize the way white people talk about and treat them is the same way they talk about and treat us.

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