Black, Brilliant, Beautiful and Cool

years ago I was at MSI with the children and a white woman came rushing over to protect her child from an interactive exhibit where my son was playing.
her expression was one of repulsion and fear, as if you can get brilliant, beautiful and cool just from touching a black child.

I swooped in at grabbed up my child and stated loudly.
“no, don’t touch THAT.
you don’t know where it has been and
they don’t wash often”

she stopped, stunned and confused.wrong bitch
As if it had never occurred to her that someone would discriminate against her or her child.
as if no one ever could value blackness.

prior to the #BlackLivesMatter movement, I would be reproached and condemned when telling that story…

I’ll just leave this herebernie mac  I bother it

Author: pdeedixon

Woman. Mother. Lawyer. Black. RaceWoman. Womanist. Feminist. LBGTQQPIA ally. divorced

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