McKinny Texas –

Before you good liberal whites start off with It had nothing to do with race

Before you selfhating racial confused ooftah blacks start with it had nothing to do with race

He is not terrified. he is a vicious violent racist. He is blind to her humanity as she sits there screaming for her mother. He would loose his mind if some one did that to a white child. So terrified that he had to SIT ON HER. that is not terror. not for him. that is inhuman savagery. that is base and vile. what self respecting man does that to an unarmed child. that is the mentality that enslaved and lynched and raped and believed it was ok because white jesus said so in a book he never read and wouldn’t understand if he did. the list of what black people arent allowed to do grows and now includes swimming. But a comparison to Apartheid or reference to genocide would be inappropriate here. i cant wait for the comments -“It had nothing to do with Race”

Author: pdeedixon

Woman. Mother. Lawyer. Black. RaceWoman. Womanist. Feminist. LBGTQQPIA ally. divorced

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