HAVE YOU EVER HAD SOMEONE LIE TO YOU ABOUT YOU?prince head move rolling side eye

It happened to me today…
about something that doesn’t even sound like me.

I am reminded of a situation involving my son.
A teacher had told him to learn his place as a “little black boy.”
So my head exploded –

cookie-choke anika-fight I went in and I went in HOT!

Being a total racists Psycho idiot –
she searched her bag of tricks and told the principal and others in a meeting that I had followed her around the building saying mean things under my breath.

all the staff in the room had been confronted by me over one matter or another and shook their respective heads.

I started laughing,
others began to chuckle.
Finally the Principal asked her (the offending and offensive yeacher) to stop.
“Ms Cupsa”, she offered – “Ms Dixon has never said anything under her breath.”

That was my feeling when I was accused of telling someone that they weren’t Black enough.

“Nope – that is not me”
“Oh yes – it was because of my not liking Urban Contemporary Music”
“No – that was not me”
“are you calling me a liar?”‘
“Yes i am calling you a liar”
“I told you a story about a sales person at Coconuts calling me out for buying the Dixie Chicks and Sheryl Crow and I am Black”
“oh no you said it”
“no I didnt”

the silliness continued until I hung up the phone.

I dont get it and it makes my asshole itchnicki shots

The killer is that my kids told me to nip the friendship in the bud over a year ago…
I guess they know me too

Author: pdeedixon

Woman. Mother. Lawyer. Black. RaceWoman. Womanist. Feminist. LBGTQQPIA ally. divorced

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