Yes, I am on #TeamCookie. cookie

Ok – I understand the EMPIRE controversy. It is a negative portal of the black community and black family. It glorifies the hip-hop music industry… it over insight into homophobia and homosexuality in the black community.

That said, I watched it and I have been team Cookie since she wailed on Hakeem. And I don’t believe in beating, whipping or spanking children. hakeem last words

I don’t know about selling drugs or doing time… I am not about that life.

What I know is that most men and many women HATE a strong woman – like Cookie.wrong bitch

Years ago I met a really nice woman at a party. I was struggling with some bullshit manipulation that my family was putting me through and she asked me, “what will make you happy?”

It took me years to wrap my head around that concept.   I had no reference for knowing what made me happy let alone how to get it.

That I had a right to even consider my happiness let alone a duty to fight for my happiness.cookie nd deveaux

I am sure she was stunned by my nonsensical babbling. I was caught in a loop and all I could say was that doesn’t compute.

I had been convinced that something awful would happen, some one would die, or leave me or take away something I loved. There would be some punishment for thinking of myself.

After my inane and rambling babblefest, she shared her story with me.

Long story short – she had been married to one man, briefly, and realized it was a mistake, divorced him and married the guy who had been his best man.

And the heavens didn’t open – no one was struck dead by lightening…cookie goats ass

There were some very hurt feelings and harsh words… but she was happy and those who had a problem with it were encouraged to get over it or get going.

That is why I a teamCookie – I love that she does as she pleases and takes what she wants and celebrates herself and when she loses.. she does her time and keeps moving.. cookie lingerie

Most people don’t like characters like Cookie… women Like Cookie offer an alternative to toeing the line, being a lemming, doing what people tell you with out question.

What society tells you with out question.

cookie lucus kissing

Cookie and real women like her say in a loud clear voice- “”FUCK THE BULLSHIT”. they show you that you can win playing by your own rules, being your own person, prioritizing yourself – in a society that tells women in general and Black women in particular that you will be cold alone and lonely if you don’t have the protection of a man. Any ole piece of man.cookie not so side eye

And you will only get a man, if you do what we say how we say, smiling, twerking, praying, writing your dissertation.

THANK GOD FOR COOKIE and real women like her.cookie rose


Author: pdeedixon

Woman. Mother. Lawyer. Black. RaceWoman. Womanist. Feminist. LBGTQQPIA ally. divorced

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