They Know Me Here

This is my Costco. They know me here.

Not in a Norm of CHEERS kind of everybody knows my name,


But in a people who make a living wage and have benefits are pleasant and friendly and I am too.costco

So I am hanging out with a friend and the weather I Chicago turns bad.

I know, bad weather in Chicago in the winter. We were so surprised.

I offered to take her home, but asked if she minded a quick stop at Costco. You see it is winter in Chicago and I really like the Kirkland brand bottled margarita and if I a single mother of three, strongly believe in staying stocked up especially in the winter. Just in case.LSD snowbound

She isn’t familiar with MY Costco and I tell her… yeah. They know me there.

Right after Thanksgiving, I was there and my check out person, asked where my kids were.

I told her they were all back in school until Christmas break.

The woman working at the next checkout lane, said, “yeah, remember when the boys came in… they were on their way back to school.”

She smiled at me. “Yes,” she said. “But your daughter is in college too?”

“Yes mam” I answered. “I am an empty nester.”

“Good for you!” She beamed at me. “You have great kids.” The other woman agreed.

I thanked them.

“When you are rowing the boat alone, it is really good to hear that your efforts are working. Thank you.. Really, thank you.” I said goodbye and walked toward the exit.

I made a mental note to tell the kids about the good report. Remind them that I love them and respect them, am so very proud of them.

The man who works the exit said hello.

“Hi” I answered, back from my reverie… “Where are the kids?” He asked.

I shared this story with my friend on the way in, we laughed.. Yep

They know me here.

After a pleasant shopping trip which I think also counts as Cardio –

if you walk the store at a brisk pace, talking and pushing an increasingly heavy cart.

We made our purchases and headed for the exit.

The young man working the exit complimented my hair. (My response to my last child going away to college was to dye my hair.)

“I like your color” he said.

“Thank you”, I replied, for a moment feeling hip and relevant. “It was my daughter’s idea.”

“Yeah,” he nodded toward my direction. “She’s the thick one with green hair?”

“Yes”, I sighed… I am still struggling with the green hair.

“Yeah… that’s cool. Creative. I like that.”

“Thanks” I answered trying not to look at my friend who was cracking up.

“They know you here.” She could barely get the words out between laughing and pushing her cart.

“I know right… I told you!

This is my Costco

They know me here”

Author: pdeedixon

Woman. Mother. Lawyer. Black. RaceWoman. Womanist. Feminist. LBGTQQPIA ally. divorced

3 thoughts on “They Know Me Here”

  1. How amazing, I love that sense of community offered in some shops! I know I have had a few Starbucks in my day that were familiar with me, but I feel as if we have moved and jumped around so much over the past several years that I will never have the secure normalcy again!!! (Okay so I know things will level out eventually ;))

    1. Yes they will. I think often we are so busy moving from place to place getting things done, that we don’t notice the community that exist until it comes rushing at us like a wave.

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