Don’t come at Shonda.

As I read, I find myself actively adamantly resenting the New York Times commentator need to pigeonhole Shonda Rimes as a writer, producer woman.
To limit and define the representation of not just Shonda, but all black women including the actors on the show. Such a limited and myopic view of what is normal black woman behavior.
The need to dehumanize black women and otherwise other us, because we can’t have the full range of emotions thoughts and experiences that white women have that would all my God make us people.
I want to make this a #solidarityisjustforwhitewomen or #Blackpowerisjustforblackman, kind of moment because that reflects the nature of the attack. The New York Times did not go after Shonda Rimes as an individual and attack how she runs her production company or how she handles her actors.
No, the New York Times commentary went after Shanda times as a black woman, Called her angry, and addressed some of the words that come out of her black female characters mouths
As if she doesn’t write for all of the characters on all of the shows so what.
At the heart of this attack masquerading as analysis is the notion of white supremacy handed out by a white woman against a black woman and attempt to dehumanize and otherwise label and other if failed attempt because it did not take into account the depth and breath of Shonda Rhimes work. it is if the author penned the piece without even looking at her Wikipedia page let alone reading other articles and looking at a sample a comprehensive an intelligent sample of the work that she’s done just for ABC. It speaks volumes about the expectations that this author has for the subject and her very limited exposure to anything other than Wonder Bread culture.

Author: pdeedixon

Woman. Mother. Lawyer. Black. RaceWoman. Womanist. Feminist. LBGTQQPIA ally. divorced

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