what does radical motherhood look like?

What does radical motherhood look like!!

It looks like all the black dolls and action figures, which are dolls for boys.

It looks like chocolate, dark to light and midnight.

It smells like sunshine and blacker berries with sweet, sweeter juice.

It tastes like cupcakes and ice cream to celebrate how beautiful and nappy your hair is.

What does radical motherhood look like? It looks like bright smiles and warm hugs!
my baby, my chocolate drop, my sweet baby so beautiful so smart so wonderful so MINE!!

It looks like tall strong men and women who love being black, how it looks, walks, talks, smells.

“ah sookie sookie now”, “keep it 100”, bright smiles surrounded by full lips. Brilliance dripping from each word.

“are you taller than me?” “ah Ma”.
call them out those radical moms that mothered you when you didnt know, when you couldnt know, do for yourself.

Call them out those strong women, who would die for you… take on that teacher, that other parent.
who saw you and held you in the most high esteem.
Call them out!

Libation ad honor.

those women, who would slap the devil with Jesus hisself, but dont you dare lie to me.

radical motherhood making two pots of greens, one vegan one with pork
radical mother hood, reading Langston with Bey in the background
call them out
radical motherhood drinking champagne from paper ups

radical motherhood talks about condoms
radical motherhood talks about police stops
radical motherhood talks about interviews and resumes while sprinkling way too much paprika on the potato salad.

“thats my baby”

All honor and praise

Author: pdeedixon

Woman. Mother. Lawyer. Black. RaceWoman. Womanist. Feminist. LBGTQQPIA ally. divorced

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