So is anyone beside my watching the docu-drama on CNN?

If you are watching it, are you like me wondering what national office Rahm Emanuel has his sights on?

I am completely blown away by how one sided and shallow this series is. There is a reason that it comes on opposite Scandal and Elementary, like those shows it is a hint of truth shrouded in fiction and dramatic performance.
This is the time that I point out that Rahm has a brother Ari who is a ‘big Hollywood agent’ upon whom the character played by Jeremy Previn in ENTOURAGE is said to be based.

In all the episodes aired, there has been no discussion of how decades of segregation, discrimination and poverty have impacted the Black Community and how Emanuel has based his administration on the disparity and exploited it by closing school in black and or poor communities.

Running around saving one black child at a time, personally, Emanuel appears to be a great guy trying desperately to solve the city’s problems. No discussion of the history of the city and identification of factors that created the problem and those that continue to contribute to the problem.

How do the persons involved in this broadcast look at the violence in the black community and not see the poverty, the lack of educational and economic opportunities, shake their heads and click their tongues and move on to the next segment?

Closing poor performing schools doesn’t increase performance! Young men in communities without jobs, businesses and educational choice, choose from what is available, if that is just gangs and violence then those are the choices. How about in addition to boxing programs and police running around perpetuating violence and distrust as an angry arbitrary and capricious arm of the administration, we get some business that bring jobs and economic opportunity to the community. Businesses that don’t take all the income out of the community. Music, dance and quality education opportunities. ART!! Computer, code, STEM for the entire community not just charter school students.

That would be interesting and make respectability politics less destructive.

Author: pdeedixon

Woman. Mother. Lawyer. Black. RaceWoman. Womanist. Feminist. LBGTQQPIA ally. divorced

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