Not Your Angry Black Woman


Is it just me –

I know that it isnt, is it just me, a black woman, somewhat militant, if militant means authentic and unapologetic, unabashed and compromised in my blackness, womaness, intellect and spirit.

Is it just me that is accused or rage in a conversation where I am not pliable and ooozing sycophantic lust for white praise and attention?

Is it just me who is angry and intimidating when I fail to offer hugs in the face of white tears.

No, I will not turn a blind eye to your privilege and how you enjoy it.

No, I dont care who you marched with used to know, date, fuck, married. None of that absolves you.

Yes, I will call you out on your failure to use terms correctly, your lack of understanding and knowledge of history.

No, I will not excuse you or make excuses for you. You are an american and this is a part of america and you have a duty to know.

I will not laugh at your NewJimCrow jokes about La-Ah, or other ghetto names – as you blithely and ignorantly forget that you benefit from your ancestors stripping these people you are creative enough to create a culture do so.

why do they?  YOU STOLE THEIRS. 

I don’t give a flying fig about DNA test and Mormon records that you offer in the face with my lost stolen history.

Don’t get me wrong, it pisses me off that you are amazingly ignorant of the crimes done against black people on this continent – so unaware that it can’t be inadvertent… it is purposeful.

So when I call foul – you can shrug innocently and wonder why I am so angry…

It is 2014, do you still really still expect me to play Carla to your Betty?

 I don’t where a uniform and I am not invisible and you can’t process that without namecalling and jesus.

The thing about education is that I learned that Martin is more like Malcolm than you want anyone to know and Rosa was more like Angela.

And Angela, Malcolm, Marcus and Ida wanted true freedom and equality and you tried to destroy them wipe them from history like Paul and Bayard, Julia and Daisy… not angry – just conscience and conscious, informed and learned, but that is was really scares you….

#NOTYOURANGRYBLACKWOMAN   #FromAlongLineOfUppityNegressesandNegroes

Author: pdeedixon

Woman. Mother. Lawyer. Black. RaceWoman. Womanist. Feminist. LBGTQQPIA ally. divorced

One thought on “Not Your Angry Black Woman”

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